Request for plans

THE socialist opposition on the town council has called on the ruling Partido Popular to present plans for the refurbishment of the Plaza de Carretera. Mayor Tomas Campaner has said on several occasions that plans are not needed, as only small changes are going to be made. But Maria Antonia Molines, the spokeswoman for the PSM (Majorcan Socialist Party) said that if it is true that a fountain donated by a Madrid family who own property in Llubí is going to be installed, than a plan is necessary. And, she added, “if the cost of installing the fountain is greater than its value, the council cannot accept it because it would be infringing the law.” However, the Mayor said that the cost of installation would probably be covered by the family which has donated the fountain. The PSM also queried a bill for 11'000 euros for improvements to the square “when so far, nothing has been done.” The Mayor justified the bill, saying that it was for swings, which have not been put up yet, as first of all the council wanted to prune the trees in the square.

Animal therapy

THE association Animals for People has a centre in Campos, at the Hotel Paradis on the Cami de Can Corem. Its objectives are to help animals and to carry out activities with people who have physical or psychological problems. The association was set up in Majorca two years ago and president Natalie Korcz said that they had about 150 animals, including donkeys, dogs, ducks, goats and horses, all of which had been abandoned. She said that activities with animals have many benefits, such as reducing blood pressure, raising spirits, reducing anxiety, improving balance and co-ordination and increasing self-esteem. The association has programmes for children, and Korcz said that some children after getting to know the pigs, decided to give up eating pork. The association carries out activities every Saturday and once a week works with a group of recovering addicts from Proyecto Hombre. Its telephone is 971 650476.

New initiatives

THE town council will have stands at the Milanand Paris tourism fairs for the first time this year, with the aim of diversifying its market, and letting potential visitors know just what the area has to offer. This is one of the new initiatives announced by Miquel Sabater, the councillor in charge of the tourism department. Sabater, whose department has seen its budget increased to 271'000 euros, said that closer ties had been established with the hoteliers and a new logo has been designed to promote the area's tourist image. There are also new brochures and a video, he added. Sabater explained that a municipal tourism board would be set up and extra staff contracted. He said that the construction of the tourism office in the port, next to the bus stop and taxi rank, is due to start this week.

Opposition continues

OPPOSITION to the motorway between Inca and Sa Pobla is still strong in Campanet, and the council has just filed its third appeal against the work, planned by the Balearic ministry of public works. Mayor Xesc Aguiló of the PSM (Majorcan Socialist Party) organised a debate, to inform residents opposed to the motorway how matters now stand. He said that the third appeal does not include a request for work to be stopped as a precaution until a final decision is announced. He explained that judges rarely grant this type of decision, “and we do not want to give the Balearic government a political victory if the request is turned down.” Popular tradition

THE Bany-al-bahar cultural organisation organised a traditional matances - killing of a pig and preparation of sobrassada and other sausages - in the local church hall. Some 50 people took part. Francesc Albertí, chairman of the association, said that funds raised from the sale of the pork products would be donated to the tsunami victims. This is the fourth consecutive year that the organisation has held the event, which will end with a lunch today for all those who have taken part. The purpose is to make this tradition, which is dying out, known to a wider public. The cost of buying and fattening the pig is 900 euros, Alberti said.

Contract awarded

MAYOR Antoni Serra confirmed that the contract for pedestrianising the town centre has been awarded to Coexa for 789'000 euros. Work will start next month.