News desk ALTHOUGH yesterday was bright and sunny, the weatherman is predicting snow at sea level and a sudden drop in temperatures in the Balearics, Catalonia and the Mediterranean in general over the next few days.

The prediction for today is for some cloud and early morning mists, with the risk of showers towards the end of the day.
But a weather alert has been issued and the prediction is that a mass of cold air will enter Spain from the north, with winds of Polar origin, towards the end of the day.

This mass of cold air will affect the whole country from tomorrow until Friday at least.
As a result, there will be a marked drop in temperatures, with a sensation of intense cold, aggravated by moderate and occasionally strong winds.
Snow is expected to fall at sea level in the Balearic Islands, the weatherman said yesterday, and will remain frozen on the ground because of the low temperatures.

These conditions are expected to last until Friday.
The Civil Defence Board issued a reminder to drivers, to check on weather conditions before setting out, and if they are adverse, not to travel by car, if possible.

Pedestrians are reminded to stay clear of building sites or trees which may be blown down in the winds.