STAFF REPORTER THE President of the Majorcan Hotel Federation, Pere Cañellas, said that there is “a very clear” change in tourist habits and that this new change has to be taken into account by travel and tourist companies.

This information was collated by a the 2004 Survey on Hotel Occupation that was yesterday released by the National Institue of Statistics (INE).
Cañellas noted that the progressive fall in days spent by tourists on holidays in the last few years, shows that many tourists are now deciding to “spread-out” their holidays, to go on “different trips” and that they only choose to spend “three or four days” in one place. “Tourists have stopped the habit of spending fifteen days out of their month's holiday in one hotel, enjoying the sun and the beach, whilst at the same time the tour operators are clearly trying to promote the traditional holidays that last seven or fourteen nights”, Cañellas explained.

Furthermore, he expressed his worries on these changes in tourism habits. He sid that in only a few years the average stay will no longer be ten days but it will probably fall to well under seven days.

He said that it is due to the proliferation of holidays and travel offered by low-cost companies. He also mentioned that it is due to the commercialisation of the Internet.