STAFF REPORTER THE Balearic Green Card, which was presented yesterday at the International Travel and Tourism Fair (Fitur) in Madrid, will cost 10 euros and will allow its users to benefit from many important discounts on cultural and touristic attractions, according to the President of the Foundation for Sustainable Development in the Balearic Islands, Pau Collado, who was accompanied by President Jaume Matas.

A large proportion of the money made by selling the cards will go exclusively to environmental projects, Jaume Matas said at the recent presentation.
The Green Card will be free for children under 12 years of age, as long as they are accompanied by an adult who does have a card. Tourists will be able to buy them in hotels, travel agencies, on buses, in taxis, from car-hire companies, in airports and in other centres that are aligned to the project.

Collado said that when a tourist buys a card, they will be able to activate it on the Internet, by making a call, through a text message or in any other of the centres mentioned. The “Green Card” can be used for a 15 day period and the tourist can use it to receive discounts in nature parks and on cultural and touristic attractions. The card will be on sale from 15 April this year for tourists only, and then available to buy for residents in the summer months.

Card holders will receive a 20 percent discount in the many cultural centres on the islands, whilst there will be a 50 percent discount for guided tours. Holders can get a 20 percent discount in golf clubs, and will also benefit from having 25 percent knocked-off their tourist bus prices and 30 percent slashed from rail tickets. Furthermore, the tourist will also gain 15 minutes of free national and international phone-calls.

The “Green Card” will be available to buy for the residents of the Balearic Islands at the same price as is being advertised for the tourists. The slight changes will be that residents will be able to use their card for a one year period and they also receive different benefits ”as everyone has different interests” the President of the Foundation said.

Amongst those centres signing up to the card, it also includes nightclubs in Ibiza, beach umbrella and deck-chair services, shops and hotels on the islands.

To help those who are suffering in Southeast Asia, the Green Card will donate one euro per card sold to the cause.