Lucky escape

A driver escaped uninjured when his vehicle, a Volkswagon Caddy, went off the road and fell down a seven metre slope on the road between Estellencs and Andratx yesterday morning. A passing motorist reported the accident to a Guardia Civil patrol. The driver, from Calvia, said that he had tried to call a tow car, but the sector is on strike. The Guardia Civil informed him of the steps to take to have his van towed away. The strike continued on its second day and a spokesman claimed that it now has the full backing of the entire sector. A spokesman said that yesterday, 582 services had not been provided in the Balearics. Most of the cases were flat batteries, burst tyres, or diverse breakdowns. He added that the tow truck firms had agreed to answer urgent cases, such as removing accident vehicles from the middle of the road, or services for the disabled. The strike is due to continue today
Ruled out

THE Theme Park Group (TPG) said ysterday that they had ruled out Can Vailet as the site for their proposed theme park for Majorca, given the “improbability of a unanimous agreement at the council meeting.” The meeting to debate the matter is due to be held today. The group said in a communique that it would seek a new site for the park elsehere in the island. They are seeking a site which fulfils all the necessary conditions and which the Council of Majorca considers “a run down area.” The communique said that the site should be away from built-up areas but close to a good road network. It said that Can Vailet had been originally chosen because Calvia was and still is the municipality with most areas classified as “transition areas” or “development areas.” But the problem is that most of these areas are close to urban centres. The promoter says that the theme park is “viable for Majorca and the Balearics, independent of the municipality where it is finally built.” It adds that this is the third time in a year that it has considered a new site for the project, and hoped that over the next few weeks, administrations, town councils and political proposals “would be receptive.” Country roads

TWENTY-FOUR kilometres of country roads in the municipality will be improved, thanks to an agreement signed between the town council and the tourism ministry. The project has a budget of 1.2 million euros and will include resurfacing, lighting and cleaning up the main streets between the various hamlets in the municipality. “The purpose is to continue the network of cycle paths and solve a very serious problem in the municipality, caused by the fact that many of the country roads are hard to maintain,” according to Mayor Joan Rotger. He added that the municipality has more than 100 kilometres of roads. Some of these roads had already been makred as cycle paths, and will have to be painted again once they have been resurfaced.

Common front

THE Mayors of Inca, Manacor and Campos have decided to make a common front to block orders from Madrid, which wants all autopsies to be performed in Palma from February 1. Up to now, autopsies could be performed in Inca or Manacor, which have their own courts with jurisdiction over the neighbouring towns. Mayors Antoni Pastor of Manacor, Pere Rotger of Inca and Andreu Prohens of Campos, yesterday announced details of a campaign which they will launch against the ministry of justice decision. Felanitx and Sant Joan have already announced that they will back the campaign. Pastor criticised Madrid and government representative Ramon Socias for not having informed them of the decision in advance. He said that the decision went against the interests of local residents and the funeral parlours.