THE Balearic Government is proposing six amendments to the European Union Cohesion Fund, with the aim to allow the Balearic Islands to have easier access to European structural financial help, according to a press release yesterday by the right wing political party, Partido Popular (PP).

A delegate of the Government, Joan Huguet, will be presenting these amendments in Brussels on 4 February, where these issues will be debated. The right wing party's aim is to amend the EU Cohesion Fund rulings, that at present do not differentiate between island and mainland regions. Huguet said that “it is necessary to receive more financial aid if the area has natural disadvantages, such as those found in certain islands, in mountaineous regions and in scarcely populated regions”.

The PP want the current Cohesion Fund to recognise that all insular regions have “common disadvantages”, like isolation from the mainland, the raised costs of air and sea transportation, the limited area of land, as well as the difficulty in managing waste.