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ANTONI Manchado, the Spanish Socialist Workers Party (PSOE) spokesman on the Calvia council, said yesterday that the municipality “did not deserve a Mayor (Carlos Delgado) who has a reckless disregard for the truth,” which, in his opinion, was demonstrated by the filing of the Partido Popular (PP) accusation against former Mayor Margarita Nájera, for the so-called “Western Park case.” Manchado expressed his satisfaction at the court's rejection of the PP accusations against the former socialist Mayor and said that he was convinced that “Delgado's false accusations will fall one after the other.” The spokesman went on to say “every time there is a sentence, it is shown once again that Delgado lied, falsified accusations to provoke headlines a year before the elections.” He should answer for what he has done, Manchado said, both through the punishment of voters at the polls and to the courts for the possible misappropriation of municipal funds “to file false accusations, knowing full well what he was doing.” Manchado was speaking after the court announced it was filing an accusation against Najera, Neus Pacheco, the deputy mayor in charge of the planning department, municipal architect Ignacio Pomar, Jorge Herrero, the council's planning consultant and Nájera's sister Isabel, who drew up the project.

On hearing the news, Nájera said that she had been involved in municipal administration for 20 years and would like her image to be cleaned and her work recognised. Pacheco said “we were sure that we had acted correctly and this has been confirmed.” Other accusations against Nájera which have been filed include one concerning electoral irregularities, which was filed at the end of 2003, one on alleged misappropriation of council funds, filed last December, and one involving land in Son Caliu, filed last year, although it is now under appeal.


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