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THE electricity company, Gesa, yesterday announced that it has presented a new plan to the Balearic Government for the construction of a wind park on the border between Artá and Ses Salines in the east Majorca.

If given the go-ahead, this wind park could supply up to 1 percent of total energy demands in Majorca. The Gesa plan involves the construction of 15 micro wind parks, each of which would have two windmills, Jaume Reguart, the director general of Gesa, said in a press conference.

However, he admitted that to turn this plan into reality would be “very difficult”. The Balearic Islands need to incorporate alternative and renewable energies as part of their energy services, because of the adverse effects of global warming that is made worse all the time by the emission of gases, he added.

This project is only in the first stages and outlines those areas in Majorca where wind parks could be constructed.
By creating this wind park, Gesa could generate approximately 50 megawatts per hour during 25 percent of the year, said Jaume Reguart. In the end the wind park would only produce around 10 megawatts per hour of usable energy, as although these windmills “are efficient” the “wind does not blow all the time”, Reguart said. Furthermore, the energy infrastructure in Majorca “is small” and for this reason the amount of energy that this wind park would be able to produce represents the “maximum” possible, so as to avoid any unbalance in the networks.

Gesa is already working on the plans for an underwater electricity power cable between Majorca and Ibiza, which would make Gesa ”the only company that can guarantee” it being carried out before 2007.

A boat has already started to study the seabed and it is hoped that the electricity project could be completed by September. In this way Gesa “would be ready” to start work when the government awards the contract.


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