Barracks improvement

THE Guardia Civil barracks have had a small facelift and now when people visit the barracks they will do so in more decent surroundings. The barracks are very old, some of them are more than 40 years old and they were not up to scratch for the work the Guardia Civil has to carry out. There were cracks in the walls and ceiling, no public toilet, no air conditioning, not much room, old furniture, broken window blinds and a garden that had been abandoned. The deputy mayor of Calvià, Joan Thomàs, ordered two men to carry out a series of reforms to the buildings. So in the last few days they have tidied up the garden, fixed the blinds and painted the inside. However, guardia civil officers are still asking for new Calvià barracks, so that it is better able to cope with all the crimes that they deal with.

Aerial plans in process

THE Mayor of Alaró, Miquel Deyà, has assured residents that he has begun the necessary paperwork to move the mobile telephone aerial out of the town, as residents have complained of health problems. Deyà explained that the town council does not want to have any telephone aerial within the confines of the town.

New school website

THE newly renovated hall at Costs i Llobera public school hosted a presentation of the new website last night. Approximately one hundred parents attended the event. The website, which can be found at, has been carefully designed by one of the computer students, Sebastià Sastre. On the site visitors can read information on news items, school calendar, services, identity signs and much more. There is also a link to the the Parents Association's website. According to the Headmaster of the school, Jaume Sastre, the next stage will be to offer a “virtual office” so that all administrative questions can be solved online.

Beauty project

THE Pollensa town council has started a project to make the streets more appealing to residents and tourists alike. In this way they are placing flowerpots in calle Major and Montison so as to improve the image of the town.

New supermarket offers

ONLY two supermarket chains, Hipercor and Mercadona, have presented tenders for renting 1'400 square metres of space for a 35 year period for a supermarket in the new covered market. These tender offers were opened yesterday at the Inca town hall, so that all could discover what the two big supermarket chains are offering for the new supermarket in the centre of Inca. The deputy mayor of Inca, Bartomeu Segui, said he was happy with the offers “as it means that the project can continue now we have secure finance”. The winning company will be announced in the next few weeks, said Segui. The two offers are extremely good and are above what was set down for the minimum price in the tender competition, which was 3.498 million euros. Hipercor, owned by El Corte Inglés, has offered 4.025 million euros, whilst Mercadona has offered 4.213 million euros.


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