PALMA City Hall's Transport deputy, Carlos Veramendi, has been refused permission by Spain's central government Ministry for Defence to use land at Son Busquets on the outskirts of the city for storing used cars that are no longer in circulation on Balearic roads.

Realising ealier in the year that municipal ground at Son Toells was full to overflowing with such vehicles, Veramendi wrote in October to the Ministry who own the land at Son Busquets asking their permission to use their ground on a temporary basis. Aware of the situation, the mayor of Palma, Catalina Cirer, had meanwhile written to the General Commander of the Armed Forces in the Baleaics informing him of her local government's proposal. The Ministry of Defence replied to Veramendi saying that it was not possible to agree to his request because the land at Son Busquets was currently undergoing a clean-up process which means it would be totally unsuitable for depositing rows of unused vehicles.

Veramendi, disappointed at the Ministry's decision, said he had made it clear in his written proposal that were he given permission to use the land at Son Busquets, he would make arrangements to leave swiftly in the event of any building work needing to be undertaken on the land, or as and when the problem of vehicle overcrowding on municipal land had been resolved. City Hall, said Veramendi, would also have taken responsibility for security during the time they occupied the Ministry of Defence land.