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JAVIER Rodrigo de Santos, the deputy mayor in charge of the Town Planning department, has announced that the Palma council will award the contract for the work on the Fachada Maritima (Palma's sea front) on February 7.

De Santos said that the contract will be awarded taking into account the original project, which included the demolition of the GESA building, pictured above.

If, however, the Council of Majorca finally decides to protect this building and make it a Catalogued Heritage item, De Santos said that the council would present an appeal against the Council of Majorca's decision. This would not just be for failure to comply with the law on regional capitals, which came into force on December 31, and an alleged diversion of power, but also for the possible problems which the decision to protect the GESA building will cause for the company which will carry out the remodelling of the sea front.

In the opinion of Palma council, the Council of Majorca has mishandled the process for protecting the GESA building, and has also failed to comply with article 106 of the Law on regional capitals, which says that in matters which affect the heritage of Palma, the Council of Majorca must ask for a report from the city council. This report is preceptive but not binding.

De Santos also announced that, if the Council of Majorca's meeting on Monday approves the protection of the buildings situated on the site of the Ses Estaciones (Stations) Park, the council will appeal against the decision via the administrative route, as it considers that this fails to comply with article 106 or that it could constitute a diversion of power. “These buildings are already protected by Palma council”, he said.
With regard to the foundation of the appeal, the deputy mayor quoted a report from the municipal secretary, Agusti Estela, which referred to the differences in criteria between Palma council and the Council of Majorca for the protection of these buildings.


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