Newsdesk THE Balearic government plans to launch what it calls a Strategic Quality Plan next year, aimed at improving the way civil servants deal with members of the public and to improve internal administration.

Workers will be offered incentives for their efforts, although the type of incentive has not yet been designed. “The idea is to recognise a job well done,” according to Albert Moragues, minister for the presidency.
He was speaking after the government meeting at which the basic principles of this initiative were approved.
The previous coalition government, which was also headed by Francesc Antich, had set in motion a similar modernisation plan to achieve “a more efficient administration,” back in the year 2000.

Moragues said that there were two basic principles to the new plan.
One is that the government will ask all those who hold political posts and technicians to “listen systematically to the voice of the people” to learn of their needs at first hand.

The second will lay down lines for recognising good work by civil servants or management groups.
This will include rewards for initiatives, suggestions and solutions brought to the attention of superiors by rank and file civil servants.
An inter-departmental committee will be set up to develop the scheme, and it will be presided by Moragues.
This committee will be set up within a month and will have its plan drawn up by December, ready for launching next year.
A work group will also be set up to seek ways of improving the quality of service and treatment of the public.