THE Mayor of Palma, Aina Calvo, and the Mayor of Marratxi, Jose Ramon Bauza, have agreed to continue the transport arrangement between the two towns.
This agreement was reached at a meeting between the two mayors on Friday.
During the period of office of the last Palma council, headed by Catalina Cirer, the two councils came to an agreement that taxis from Palma could, from November 2006, also offer their services in Marratxi.

At the same time it was also agreed that, to aid the flow of traffic, the two councils would regulate and synchronise the traffic lights in both Palma and Marratxi, which are joined by the Calle Aragon.

After the meeting, Bauza emphasised that the amount of vehicles seen at certain times in the Calle Aragon are causing big traffic problems.
He said that there are a great number of people who live in Marratxi but work in Palma, and viceversa.
With regard to this, he added, the Mobility departments of both councils are working together to try to introduce various improvements on the road which runs from Palma to Marratxi.

Whatever agreements are reached will have to be presented for approval by the respective councils.
Bauza also highlighted the necessity for both councils to have the economic support of the Council of Majorca and the Balearic Government, “to be able to make the investments which will benefit both communities”.