Staff Reporter

PALMA council is to look at the possibility of creating a large “green” corridor between the Parc de Ses Estacions and the Poligon Son Castello.
This was announced by the councillor for Mobility, Joaquin Rodriguez, who said that this is an initiative which would go further than the project which was initially envisaged by the new council, led by Aina Calvo, to create a park in the Calle Jacint Verdaguer.

Rodriguez aldo said that he had recently had a meeting with representatives of SFM (Majorca's railway company) to ask if it is possible to extend the underground section of the train lines 300 metres more, so that the trains would not surface in the Son Fortesa district, but further down the line as requested by the residents of the Son Fortesa area.

With regard to this, the councillor indicated that one part of the planned reform of the existing walkway in Jacint Verdaguer could be carried out in one form or another, or before or after the scheduled time depending of SFM's answer.

The councillor said that those were the two principal conclusions which were reached during the first meeting of the Working Commission created in July to fix, in principle, the conditions which will govern the competition which the new council is planning to run for the design of a future park in Jacint Verdaguer.

This competition is supposed to be run next month, although Rodriguez said that it will most probably be run at the beginning of next year.
He also said that the competition would not be needed if a previous agreement was reached over the design of the “green” corredor.
The Working Commission is composed of the directors general of Mobility and Infrastructures, Francisco Donate and Virginia Abraham respectively, as well as a representative from the Plataforma pel Parc de les Vies, ARCA, the environmental group GOB, and various professional colleges.