SOME 350 people of all ages and nationalities joined forces in central Palma yesterday to protest against the fact that society at large turns its head away from the ugly face of child abuse in its midst.

From midday onwards, a drum beat drew attention to calls by the demonstrators for people to stay alert to possible abuse by adults against children and for those people to act immediately when they are witness to such cases. A slogan of the campaign emblazoned on black T-shirts worn by adults amongst the crowd read: “Real monsters aren't found in fairy tales.”

Another said: “Act when you see a case of abuse!” Both boys and girls taking part along with their parents wore white and black T-shirts which said “Fragile!” Participants later kept three minutes silence to represent the passivity of society against child abuse even though it recognises its existence. Turning your head the other way is opting out of responsibility, claimed the demonstrators.