By Humphrey Carter

GALE force winds, driving rain and heavy snow started to disrupt communications in north east Spain yesterday as the tail end of the polar front which hit the UK over the weekend starts to extend across Spain.

And today, it will reach us here in the Balearics.
The Director of the Balearic weather centre, Agustin Jansa, warned yesterday that over the next few days, temperatures are going to fall by an average of 5ºC with maximum of around 12ºC and minimums of 10ºC, not quite as low as the -5ºC registered in some parts of Northern Spain yesterday and the polar front will be significantly weaker once in reaches us here.

However, after the relatively mild temperatures of the past few days, the drop in temperature is going to be sharp with the gale force northerly winds adding to the wind chill factor.

Snow is forecast to fall at 1.300 metres today but the eye of the polar front will hit the islands tomorrow with the snow line dropping to 800 metres along with the temperature.