STAFF REPORTER THE regional Environment Ministry is planning to halt the erosion of Cala Agulla beach by bringing in 15'000 cubic metres of sand from a nearby area. The move is also calculated to extend the beach by 15 metres.

Environment Minister, Miquel Angel Grimalt, explained yesterday that his department had been looking at two different plans to upgrade Cala Agulla. One had been put forward by the Central Government Coastal department, but it had involved dredging up sand from the sea bed areas close to Banyalbufar - some distance away - and would have meant costly transportation and higher risk of damage to the environment.

Grimalt said that the second plan, devised by his own department, was preferable because excavation of sand closer to Cala Agulla would mean loads would not have to be carried so far. “We won't have to dig down to such a depth, either,” he added suggesting that use of heavy machinery will be minimalised.

The Environment minister said that the type of sand which he had in mind to bring into Cala Agulla is identical to that already existing on the beach. If Central Government agrees to the regional proposals, said Grimalt, the regeneration of the beach will be “quicker, more cost-effective, sustainable, and respectful of the environment.” His department's championing of the beach regeneration scheme comes in response to the concerns of businesses and residents in Cala Rajada (Capdepera) which have been expressed about the deterioration of Cala Agulla.