Palma.—Facua insisted yesterday that during Sales periods in the Balearics, it receives between five and six formal complaints a month, in comparison with one or two a month for the rest of the year.

Such complaints, an association spokesman confirmed, are generally related to the refusal of a shop to allow a client to return an item bought in the Sales which has proved broken or deficient, above all in the case of clothes and shoes.

Facua's President, Alfonso Rodriguez yesterday highlighted the valuable work that the Consumer Assocation carries out because the majority of complaints which are laid at its doors are “solved” due to Facua acting as a mediator before any legal action is taken.

So far as the coming Summer Sales in the Balearics are concerned and unlike forecasts made by Independent Consumer Association “Fuci”, Rodriguez predicted that the average spend per person is not going to vary greatly from other years, around 95 to 100 euros.

Rodriguez recommended that consumers use common sense and plan out their budget for spending at the Sales.
He said it was important to think of what was actually needed ... “people often arrive home after having been shopping in the Sales to realise that they have brought unnecessary items simly because they were available at a reduced cost,” he warned.