Madrid.— Authorities in the Balearic Islands last year fined a total of 607 immigrants for not having their residence papers in order, and 14 were denied entry at ports and airports for not possessing the legal right to enter.

The figures were provided at yesterday's meeting of the Central Government's Senate in response to the Partido Popular's Balearic representative, Joan Fageda who had publicly asked for the information.

Numbers of illegal immigrants identified by the security forces were considerably less than in 2009 when 1'291 were fined.
Fageda said that the Government response had been “rather scant” and that his question had intended to highlight the illegal immigrant detection work carried out in the Balearics by both the Local and National Police, the Guardia Civil, Civil Defence Groups, Air and Sea Search teams, all bolstered by the effectiveness of the external detection devices posted around the islands.

Unsatisfied, Fageda said he would ask the government for further details.