Palma.—With the unanimous support of the Partido Popular's 32 MPs, the new Balearic Tourism Law was approved yesterday which in short will free up the industry to a greater level of private investment with less red tape.

As the Balearic government has already shown, with projects such as those being carried out to regenerate Magalluf, it will do all it can to make sure that the administrative process is made as simple and quick as possible so that the projects can get under way with minimal delay.

And now, the new law will mean that similar future projects will receive the same administrative backing and support.
Judicial protection
Included in the lengthy document are also new steps to provide better judicial protection to development projects and owners of obsolete or ailing hotels will be able to convert their establishments in to apartments, or condo-hotels, for example, in an attempt to keep the local economy “active”, as the Partido Popular said yesterday. The latter point was the most hotly contested by opposition parties, but their 19 votes against the bill were insufficient to stop or force any amendments.

The opposition fear that blanket permission to redevelop hotels will lead to further urban spread.
The goal posts have also been moved for the rural tourism industry.
Projects to revive and promote the local culture and environment will be encouraged in rural areas where it is considered that the local tourist industry needs to be more varied and diversified.

Some of the other key points in the law are that four and five star hotels with complementary facilities, such as golf courses or spas for example, will be allowed to be built on rural land while city hotels will also be given a freer hand in expanding or improving their facilities.

Four star
Also, hotels which have been closed, will be able to open again providing they carry out necessary reforms and can raise their standards to at least a four star rating.

As far as the PP government is concerned, these measures are vital for boosting the tourist industry which is the driving force of the local economy.


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