Palma.—Palmanova police have launched a man hunt for those responsible for stealing 4'000 euros in cash from a van and setting it alight in the Galatzo development early yesterday afternoon.

According to sources close to the investigation, the robbery happened at 12.30pm.
Apparently, an employee for a company which runs one armed bandits was covering his route through Palmnova collecting his company's takings.
According to the investigators, the employee suddenly parked up and walked off.
It was at this moment that the thieves apparently struck, stealing the cash from inside the van and then setting it alight.
Some 30 minutes later, the alarm was raised and the police and fire services received reports of a vehicle on fire in the Galatzo urbanisation.
The Guardia Civil and Local Police were first on the scene because members of the Majorca Fire Brigade were busy fighting a forest fire so firemen from the Palma brigade were called to the scene.

In the meantime, the police with the help of local residents, extinguished the flames.
Apparently inside the van had been a small safe which the thieves had broken open in order to get at the cash.
And sources close to the investigation said that in order to cover their finger prints and any other evidence, they set the vehicle alight before fleeing the scene.

Now, the hunt is on for the thieves.