Palma.—The Partido Popular (PP) government of José Ramón Bauzá has brought down the number of civil servants in public administration by 1'252 within a year, Parliamentary PP spokesman Mabel Cabrer confirmed yesterday.

Cabrer said that this figure does not include any staff of public companies contracted to work for municipal councils but rather civil servants working directly for the government, especially those who had been contracted temporarily.

Cabrer said that the government had worked “intensively” to “restructure” the public service, particularly in view of the fact that the previous Socialist coalition government had increased the level of civil servants by 25 percent in just three years, a further 6'000 people. At the same time, the coalition had reduced the number of staff contracted through private companies by 30 percent.

However, Cabrer said that the PP would provide reports on just what the Balearic government has achieved this year in the public sector. One aspect which will be explained, she said, will be how the government is managing to maintain and even increase its level of public service with less staff.

Cabrer said that the government is bearing in mind that there may be some areas where there is still insufficient staffing and is prepared to make necessary adjustments.

The PP has blamed much of the current financial crisis in the Balearics on the Socialist coalition's willingness to run up public debt to such an extent.