Palma.—It was one of the hottest Augusts on record for the past 30 years, but the heat wave certainly came to an abrupt halt last Thursday.
Yesterday, Miguel Gili, spokesperson for the Balearic Met. Office reported that since Thursday, temperatures over night have dropped by between 10ºC and 11ºC while day time temperatures have fallen by between 9ºC and 10ºC.

Gili explained that a mass of cold air has moved over the Balearics and that is what has brought the rains and storms, which on Thursday were extremely violent in parts of Calvia and Andratx causing localised flooding and damage to properties with hail stones “ as big as your fists” peppering parts of Andratx.

Gili said that last Thursday, the maximum temperature at Palma airport was 31.8ºC while on Saturday, the temperatures struggled to reach a high of 22.5ºC.

The sharpest drop in temperature was recorded in Minorca where over the same period of time, maximum temperatures plummeted from 30.9ºC to 21ºC at the airport while in Ibiza, the drop in temperatures was slightly more gentle falling from 30.3ºC to 26.6ºC. “Minorca and Majorca has been where we have recorded the sharpest fall in temperatures with nighttime temperatures dropping from 24ºC and 25ºC to 13C and 14ºC over the space of just four days,” Gili said.

However, it appears that weather conditions are going to begin improving from Wednesday with temperatures gradually returning to highs of around 30ºC.
Today will nevertheless continue to be unsettled although a little warmer, but be prepared for the odd isolated shower.