Palma.—With the Balearic government stalling over its initial plans to close the general Hospital and the Juan March Foundation, the medical union Satse yesterday criticised the government for allowing the Ib-Salut Balearic health service to close 310 beds over the summer.

The local health service was given a black mark by a national survey on Thursday and yesterday, Saste claimed that the judgement was fair because of the harsh cut backs which have been made to the health service over the past year.

Satse said that the worst case was at Son Espases, where protests over staff having to pay to park continued yesterday morning.
For two and a half months, the hospital was operating with a deficit of 139 beds, something which has never happened before, the union claimed.
What is more, operating theatres were also taken out of action during the summer and no new hospital staff have been taken on despite the extra work load hospitals are having to cope with at the expense of facilities at local PAC medical centres being significantly reduced.

The lack of beds and operating theatres over the past few months has also served to lengthen waiting lists which hospitals can not shorten due to the lack of staff.

In the meantime, the Balearic government is still studying the “viability” of keeping the General and Juan March hospitals open.