Palma.—The Partido Popular, embroiled in another case of alleged corruption which involves a cross over of senior party members past and present going back to the era of President Jaume Matas (2003-2007), came under fresh attack from opposition parties yesterday.

Within hours of news of the case and those involved breaking, the PP's Insular Director for the Government in Minorca, resigned while others on the list of politicians Judge Castro has subpoenaed as part of his investigation into the irregular funding of the PP during the Matas era have placed their futures in the hands of the party.

The Over Case, named after the Madrid-based Over marketing company which was apparently used to channel funds to the PP in Madrid, Valencia and now, it appears the Balearics, is the first investigation into alleged corruption to have involved serving members of Bauza's government and the opposition are hungry to see if the President will honour his manifesto promises. During the campaign, which was already over shadowed by a series of corruption cases involving former members of the Partido Popular including the ex-President Jaume Matas himself, Bauza pledged to create a “transparent government which would not entertain any form of corruption.” And, yesterday, the PP's parliamentary spokesperson, Mabel Cabrer, who herself could be called as a witness, said that this government's code of ethics “is stronger than any other party's in the Balearics.” That said, the opposition claimed to have already seen a discrepancy in what the PP really stands for with some people resigning while others are not. “We have people being subpoenaed who have resigned while others are hanging on,” said the parliamentary spokesperson for the Socialists, Vicenç Thomas. “We want the PP to be coherent and honour its code of ethics and therefore treat all those who have been subpoenaed in the same manner,” he added. “We have now seen how the corruption from the Matas era has seeped into the present government.” There will have been plenty of sleepless nights last night.