Palma.—The Central Government Delegate in the Balearic Islands, Teresa Palmer and the Mayor of Calvia, Manuel Onieva yesterday signed an agreement which will focus efforts on increasing safety for businesses and tourists in the municipality.

The collaboration will be specifically between Central Government's Ministry of the Interior and Calvia town council.
The document aims to develop means whereby coordination between the Guardia Civ il and the Local Police in Calvia can be made more efficient to respond to threats to citizen safety. Closer collaboration will take the form of exchange of information, access to data bases, joint police statements, the combined use of offices whereby the public can make official complaints about their being victims of crime or other illegalities, and where they can generally ask for guidance on situations regarding local bylaws.

The move comes after complaints by residents and tourists about the degree to which gangs of prostitutes are operating in Calvia. Businesses have said that would be customers are discouraged from using bars, restaurants and cafeterias in some areas of the municipality because of the gangs of prostitutes lingering in the street. Police are already aware that such gangs usually prey on unsuspecting male tourists who are returning in the early hours of the morning to their hotels, frequently under the influence of alcohol. The prostitutes' modus operandi is to lull their victime into a false sense of security and then forcibly search for his wallet or other valuables and steal them.

This agreement is the second one of its kind that has been signed between the Central Government delegation following a similar document that was penned with the town council in Felanitx on 16th October.