Palma .—The Isleart exhibition which has already been on show at the international travel fair in Berlin in March this year , is to make a brief appearance at a Pall Mall gallery in London from 6th November to coincide with the World Travel Market.

The display will include works by Balearic artists Guillem Nadal, Robert Ferrer i Martorell, Naco Fabré, Pep Llambías and Erwin Bechtold.
The exhibition will be open to the public until 17th November. The project which was commissioned by Gudi Moragues with support from the Ramon Llull Institute (IRL), “aims to show the excellent quality of creative art currently in the Balearic Islands.” After the success of Isleart in Berlin, Moragues had predicted that the exhibition would be equally received in London.
Antoni Vera, the director of the Ramon Llull Institute said yesterday that the IRL wants the exhibition to have as high a profile as possible in art circles and amongst art collectors in London. Gudi Moragues said that he wasn't looking for new artists on the Balearic scene or those wanting to try their hand for the first time at exhibition pieces. He made it clear that he wanted veteran artists with plenty of experience and creative potential.

Moragues said that he had found what he was looking for in the visual poetry of Llambías, in the abstract art of Fabré and the mastery of Erwin Bechtold. He furthered that the timing of the Pall Mall exhibition to coincide with the World Travel Market in London was an important opportunity for the Balearics. “It's a perfect moment for us to step into the limelight of the tourist industry,” he claimed. The themes being used by the artists' work for Isleart focus on the influence of nature and the Mediterranean environment. Llambías said that the exhibition “could go very well in London” but it was “a pity that it was only going to be there a short while.” The IRL expects the exhibition will have other venues next year.