Palma.—Changes made to financing of its Works and Services department has meant that the Partido Popular ruled Council of Majorca will be able to honour commitments made to town councils on the Island in previous years.

The total amount of money invested in fifteen backdated projects will be 3'135'000 million euros but the money will be spread out in annuities until 2014.

The Council of Majorca said that 13 town councils will be benefiting from the budget modification.
The Council of Majorca explained the current economic situation had not permitted it to approve the budget it had originally planned for its Works and Services department in 2013. As a result, Town Council Cooperation director Bernardí Coll wanted assurances that money previously promised from the Council of Majorca would be guaranteed. Emergency funds “We need to know that the local town councils won't have problems honouring payments which date back to previous years,” said Coll.
The Council of Majorca pointed out that last May, a “special plan” was approved through which 4 million euros of investment was injected into the financing of Majorca's town councils to help with urgent cash flow problems.

A spokesman confirmed that the “emergency payment” was designed to help local councils pay goods and services suppliers.