Inca.—The town council in Inca intends to plaster the balconies of residential areas in the town with advertisements for the forthcoming Dijous Bo fair, and it will achieve its goal with the help of local residents who each time they buy Coca-Cola products in Eroski, Hiper Centro and Aprop supermarkets will be given flags to hang up.

Meanwhile, Inca council will be distributing 500 originally designed Dijou Bo posters around businesses and public institutions in the town.
The traditional basket which forms part of the flag design has over the years come to symbolise the Dijou Bo fair and was formally presented yesterday by Local Mayor Rafel Torres and Councillor José Pastor.

Versatile artist Joan Monse will be giving a “magical” speech on Sunday 11th November ahead of the Dijou Street Fair, the largest on the island, to be held this year on Thursday, 15th November.

This year's poster image of Dijou Bo, created by Inca-based designer Tolo Mir focuses on the importance of local industry to the town, such as shoe making. “The simplicity of the poster represents tradition, work and creativity,” said Mayor Torres. “Dijous Bo,” said Torres, “is more than just a street fair. It represents the character of the people of Inca and their commitment to tradition and industry over the centuries. The fair has a very special atmosphere and has something for everyone.” Concerns were recently raised about public transport serving Inca at the time of Dijou Bo because Majorcan Railway Workers had threatened to strike at a time when trains would normally be providing a free service to people wanting to travel out from Palma to the fair. However, Inca council has said it will provide alternative services.