Madrid.— Spain's official state bulletin confirmed yesterday that there will be a total of eight national public holidays across all regions of the country next year, half will be mid week and the rest on Friday or Saturday. The official bulletin clarified that there will be eight public holidays in 2013 which “can't be substituted by other dates.” The half which will fall mid-week are 1st January which is a Tuesday, 1st May (Wednesday), 15th August (Thursday) and 25th December (Wednesday). The remainder are 29th March (Easter Friday), 12thOctober (Saturday), 1st November (Friday) and 6th December (Friday).

Central Government Vice-President Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría said yesterday that “there are few public holidays falling mid-week.” The government had indicated earlier this year that too much production time was taken by public holidays falling mid-week and people taking off several days of work as a result.

Sáenz de Santamaria said that Central Government, chiefly the Employment Ministry, is hoping to close this year with agreements with the Church and regional authorities to minimise midweek public holidays
The 8th December (Inmaculada Concepción) will not be a public holiday next year as it falls on a Sunday.
In some regions, the 7th January, the day following Epiphany (the Feast of the Kings) will also be a public holiday in 2013 but not in the Balearics, Catalonia, Valencia, Galicia, the Basque Country and La Rioja.