Palma.—The number of people out of work in the Balearics rose more than any where else in Spain last month to an official total of 87'151, 12 percent higher than in September.

The Partido Popular government, having to duck and dive another corruption scandal, came under heavy attack from the opposition and union leaders claiming that October's unemployment figures are the worst in the region's history.

But, not only are there serious concerns about unemployment spiraling out of control again this winter, there are worries about the rapid rate jobs are suddenly being destroyed again along with the fact that there are now 51'000 people out of work who are receiving no form of social benefits in the Balearics.

The figures have shocked the government but the Balearic President, Jose Ramon Bauza, claims that his policies will pay dividend in the long run while admitting that there is no short term fix to the problem.

However, after unemployment having fallen during the seven months from February to September, the sudden turn around over the past two months has shaken the Balearics.

Union bosses said yesterday that the real figure is much higher because a large number of people have either signed off from the dole and employment offices to go in search of work on the growing black market or because people's unemployment benefit has run out.

And, the short term future looks bleak with hotels starting to close across the region this month which will lead to a tidal wave of redundancies in the holiday resorts over the next few months.

As the Bulletin reported recently, come December, 85 percent of the island's hotels are going to be closed and the knock on effect from that is going to be highly damaging for the employment market.