Palma.— A total of 119'318 people were registered last month with the Balearic Job Centre (SOIB) wanting work. Of these, 87'151 were listed as unemployed.

Although unemployment has risen by 0.26% in comparison with October 2011, those looking for work has dropped slightly, by -0.35%. According to the unions, the reason for this downturn is due to the fact that many foreigners are choosing to return to their country of origin because of poor job prospects in the Balearics, and because the long-term unemployed have come to the end of the government subsidies to which they were previously entitled. Although they might individually still be wanting to find work, this group of people is no longer statistically included in the job seeker list.

The unions warned yesterday of a re-emergence of the black market economy during the winter months.
One of every four people who is seeking work in the Balearics is a foreigner; 25'471 applications were made last month by non-Spaniards (16'814 were from people from non European Union countries.) Despite the high level of foreigners looking for work, there were 3'853 (-13.16%) less than last year.

In order to apply for unemployment benefit, it is essential to first enlist as a job seeker in the offices of SOIB.