Palma.—After 12 months of using the lack of funds as an excuse for having done next to nothing to promote the Balearics in the region's main holiday market such as Germany and the UK, in particular, the Ministry for Tourism announced yesterday that it is going to have funds next year.

However, the 69.1 million euros the government has set aside for tourism in the 2013 budget, six million more than this year, is deemed insufficient by the opposition.

Lives off tourism
Considering that the region lives off tourism, the government considers that the sector is worth just a mere 1.93 percent of its total 2013 budget.
And according to the opposition, considering that the money has to be spread across the Balearics and also cover sport, port and airport and the Secretary General's department, the figure is insufficient and that the Ministry for Tourism has been the hardest done by by the government.

The Ministry, however, maintains that the funds are sufficient and that it will be able to be more proactive with regards to promoting the region in 2013.

But, that was not the impression the British tour operators got during the World Travel Market in London last week where they complained about the lack of cooperation and joint promotions with the Ministry and also the tense situation in Magalluf this summer and the highly negative comments which are being posted on travel blogs and web sites about the lack of security in the resort.

The test will come in January which is traditionally when the Ministry for Tourism opens negotiations with the tour operators about joint promotional campaigns.