Palma.—Two people who were arrested after an “Anticapitalist” demonstration in Palma on Wednesday have been given a conditional discharge.
A judge freed the Endavant Catalan Association spokesman Marcel Pich and CGT member R.A.S. who were accused of public disorder and of flouting authority during a protest march by around 300 people which cut off the Av enidas from traffic.

Both men appeared before a duty magistrate the same afternoon, the Central Government delegation in the Balearics said yesterday, and did not end up having to spend a night in National Police cells. The accused were freed around 9.30pm.

The delegation said that the arrest of Pich and R.A.S. was the only incident which marred the general strike day in the Balearics on Wednesday. The Anticapitalist demonstration had specifically targeted “corrupt bankers” whom demonstrators described as “thieves and assassins.” Meanwhile however, the Majorcan Socialist coalition (PSM-IV-ExM)has called for an explanation from the Central Government delegate in the Balearics, Teresa Palmer, demanding that she explain the “excessive force” used by police during Wednesday's demonstrations to Parliament.

The coalition said that the arrest of two Anticapitalist marchers had been the culmination of a day of “unnecessary violence” shown towards demonstrators, and particularly against pickets.

The PSM said that they were “totally opposed” to the intentions of the Partido Popular government to “criminalise” the legal right of citizens and unions to demonstrate against the “anti-social” policies of both the Central Government and Balearic governments.

The Socialist coalition described Wednesday's general strike and protest marches as a “complete success” with tens of thousands of people turning out onto the streets of Palma to reject further austerity measures and taxation.