Palma.—A block of flats was evacuated in Palma yesterday after a fire broke out in an apartment on the sixth floor.
As a precaution, electricity to the building was also cut off while fire fighters rescued a mother and her son from the sixth floor flat who were suffering from intoxication from the thick black smoke.

The fire broke out just after 3pm.
According to sources for the fire brigade, the youngster was playing with a lighter in his bedroom and the mattress caught fire and the flames spread quickly through the building.

The child also suffered burns to his hair as his mother rushed to his aid but both were over come by the smoke and the mother also suffered a panic attack.

However, they managed to both get out of the flat as the bedroom continued to burn and the flames spread.
Thick smoke began to engulf the stair well causing alarm amongst the evacuated residents, some of whom needed treatment for the effects of smoke at the scene but fortunately nobody was seriously hurt and most of the residents were expected to have been back home last night after the building had been fully inspected.