Palma.—We are not officially into Winter yet, but Majorca suffered its first snowfall of the season on Tuesday night with more expected today after temperatures have dropped by as much as ten degrees since Monday.

The Director of the Balearic Meteorological Office, Maria Jose Guerrero, explained yesterday that the polar front currently gripping the region is what has forced temperatures down so sharply over the past few days, although conditions should gradually improve from today.

That said, she warned that a new belt of rain will sweep across the island from Friday night and will last until Sunday. But, rainfall will not be as heavy as since the beginning of the week.

Guerrero said yesterday that the coldest part of the island has been Sa Pobla where maximum temperatures struggled to reach 7.7ºC after a drop of 8ºC.
Across the island, the average fall in temperature was between 4ºC and 5ºC.
Heavy rainfall was recorded in most parts of the island on Tuesday night and throughout most of yesterday.
54 litres per square metre were recorded in Bunyola during the space of 24 hours. 42 litres per square metre at Palma airport, 35 litres per square metre in the Port of Pollensa, 30 litres per square metre in Colonia Sant Pere, 29 litres per square metre in Ciutadella and 25 litres per square metre in Ibiza.

And, above 1'200 metres that rain turned to snow yesterday and the snow line is expected to remain at about the same level today.
The Met. Office boss also confirmed that in the early hours of Tuesday morning, 500 bolts of lightning struck Majorca while in the south of the island and in Ibiza, winds reached 70 kilometres per hour, whipping up waves of up to five metres which caused problems for shipping.

For the meantime, no more fierce storms like the one which struck the island on Tuesday morning are forecast.