Palma.—The ex-director of the now defunct Mallorca Film Commission and the face of the Asociacion Xarxa Cinema, the organisation which managed to resurrect the Renoir complex which was forced to close last May as the new CineCiutat, Pedro Barbadillo, yesterday pledged that the new complex, which is currently showing two films in English, has a secure future.

CineCiutat in committed to providing a similar service as the Renoir complex did by screening quality, independent films in their original version, hence why we are able to continue to enjoy films in English.

Six months down the road, Barbadillo said that he and the film club which was set up to raise the necessary funds to launch CineCiutat now has 1'600 members and they managed to overcome nearly all of the major hurdles since opening. “We have managed to stabilise the situation and now we are looking forward to a consolidated future, although we could do with 400 more paying members of the club,” he added.

Initially, it was thought that between 2'500 and 3'000 members would be needed but with careful management and generous members, 2'000 members, plus the film going general public, will be more than sufficient to ensure that CineCiutat and films in English have a future.

Barbadillo said that two of the four screening rooms are now fully digital but there are two more which need to be transformed and that is a costly business.

The problem is that the traditional 35mm reels of film are running out as the film goes digital so the complex has no option but to move with the times if it wishes to screen new films in the future.


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