Palma.—It was 1961 and Manuel Fraga, who was Franco's Minister for Information and Tourism, received an application from Pere A. Serra for permission to publish a newspaper in Majorca in English.

Fraga, who believed in expanding and promoting tourism, thought the idea to be a good one. “It's better that a British tourist receives a newspaper in his or her own language when they arrive in Majorca than a bunch of flowers.”

The minister expressed his support for the proposal and did his best to make sure that the Majorca Daily Bulletin was issued with all the relevant permits.

It was a historic moment.
Not only was it the first newspaper to have been born during the Franco era it was also the only newspaper which could print news provided by the British news agency Reuters, something the other newspapers were banned from using.

But, not only did the Minister for Information and Tourism give the Daily Bulletin the green light, he also personally attended a number of events organised by the newspaper such as the prize giving ceremony for the Majorca Daily Bulletin's English writing competition.


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