Palma.—Street Angels was launched in November 2005 as a response by the church in Halifax to needs in the town centre.
Halifax had a reputation - binge drinking, violence, coach parties from across the North of England, sexual assaults, under age drinkers in the pubs and clubs... Halifax had almost become a no-go place for many people on Friday and Saturday nights.

Paul told the Bulletin yesterday that at the time, Halifax was known as the Wild Wild West of Yorkshire. “There would be anywhere between 6'000 and 12'000 people out in the city centre every Friday and Saturday night and within the first two weeks of getting the green light from the police, we had dealt with 65 different incidents and over the first year, helped to reduce the rate of violent crime by 42 percent. “Our motto is ‘from binge to better' and while we are now active in 120 towns and cities across the UK working in close cooperation with the security and emergency authorities, we're also present in Ibiza and Tenerife in other forms,” Paul said. “And this year, as we begin to target other destinations where Britons need help overseas, we've decided to target Magalluf. “It's always been conflictive but the recent TV programmes and press reports in the local papers on the island made us decide on Magalluf. “We already have an organiser on the island who is starting to search for volunteers and sign them up. “It's pretty simple, it's all on our websites,” Paul said. “We all wear uniforms, so now we're well known in Halifax and other areas where we've been present for a long time. “Our tactic is to take a gentle, non judgmental approach to people who need help. “Many accept immediately, others return to us an hour later after they realise they are unable to help themselves. “We offer water, we check up on how drunk they are and even pull glass etc. out of people's feet which eases the pressure on the ambulance services. “We also walk the elderly to their cars or busses from the theatres and cinemas so they do not get caught up in the weekend melee. “We also clean up the empty bottles, remove weapons and this year, we have saved two lives. One was of a drunken lad who fell into the river in Hove and the other was of a girl who suffers from asthma but had an epileptic fit and stopped breathing in the street. We gave her mouth to mouth and managed to revive her and keep her alive until the paramedics reached the scene” Paul said. “In Majorca, we have a coordinator, Cameron Springthorpe, who has already been in touch with the authorities in Calvia including the police and the project is moving forward well, all he needs is more volunteers,” Paul added.

Street Angels also won the Big Society Award last year.
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