Staff Reporter

THE Muslim community in Felanitx says that the reason they wish to open a new mosque in the centre of the town is for reasons of space and cost only.
The news that a new mosque was being planned for the Calle dels Horts has provoked an angry reaction from some residents who believe that it will exacerbate parking problems and lead to an increase in residents' fears over personal safety.

But Mohamed Attaouil, a spokesman for the Muslims in the town, said the reason they were looking to move was that they didn't want to continue renting, which was the case at the moment on the Calle del Mar.

Attaouil added that “the current premises are not sufficiently big to accommodate the activities of our community”.
He added that there was an idea about that the mosque would serve a wider Islamic community than the local Muslims in Felanitx. “In fact, we are against this. What we want is a cultural centre for the people resident in Felanitx.”