Palma.—Two Moroccan drug smugglers have been caught at Palma airport over the past week with nearly two kilos of hashish found hidden inside ‘dates' inside their bodies.

They very nearly slipped through the net however.
The first arrest was made on February 4 when the Moroccan was challenged by a member of the Guardia Civil as he waited for his bags at the luggage carousel - he had been spotted acting very nervously and this aroused the suspicion of the Guardia Civil.

The 32-year-old passed the first three tests but the Guardia Civil still noticed that he was very tense.
His luggage was checked but no signs of any drugs but the Guardia Civil were not satisfied and they decided to submit him to an X-ray and this revealed that he had swallowed 1'080 grams of hashish in ‘dates' and was smuggling the drugs inside his body.

The following day, a 25-year-old Moroccan landed in Palma from the mainland and the Guardia Civil carried out the same procedure and discovered that he had 700 grams of hashish inside his body.