Palma.—Tomorrow afternoon's global protest against domestic violence, the Majorcan section of which is taking place in the Plaza Major in Palma at 4pm, could not have come at a more crucial time for the island.

Over the past ten days, a 50-year-old woman has been fatally stabbed by her ex-husband who then failed in taking his own life and then on Monday evening, a 54-year-old was stabbed by her husband in Lluchmajor.

Both the victim and her assailant, who also tried to take his own life, were rushed to Son Espases Hospital in Palma.
Yesterday, she was said to be stable but still in very serious conditions.
While her husband was in a critical condition after having suffered a stroke. The attack happened at their home in the country and it was their son who first found his mother collapsed on the floor in a pool of blood.

She had been stabbed in the neck and the stomach but doctors said yesterday that she remained in intensive care but was recovering well.
Her husband also remained in intensive care where he was being treated for wounds to his hands, neck and thorax after trying to take his life with a shotgun.

It was his son who saved his life by quickly removing the gun before his father was apparently able to fire again. No sooner had the son raised the alarm, the Local Police and paramedics were on the scene rapidly.

Both of the victims were treated at the scene until considered stable enough to have been rushed to hospital where they were immediately admitted to intensive care.

The husband, who was arrested on Monday night, was under police guard in Son Espases yesterday while forensics returned to the scene to comb the property for evidence. The couple had lived in Lluchmajor for many years and were extremely well known.

The incident has shocked the town. There was no history of domestic violence but, according to police sources, the couple had been arguing on Monday afternoon.