By Humphrey Carter LORD Archer has returned to Majorca, to work on his new book, however he may also be considering reports that the Conservative Party would consider accepting him back.

The former Tory party deputy chairman's five-year suspension from the party has passed and Liam Fox, co-chairman of the Conservatives, told Breakfast With Frost last Sunday that the party would deal “sympathetically” with an application from the best-selling novelist who spent two in years in jail.

LORD Archer has always been a regular visitor to Majorca, the island is one of his key spots while writing his novels.
In April of 2000 he gave a hugely successful Daily Bulletin lecture on how to write a best seller, but the following year, he was sentenced to four years in jail after being found guilty of perjury and perverting the course of justice.

He continued to write in jail, however, and was released in July 2003.
Since then, he has neither returned to the House of Lords nor given an interview and he “does not intend to start now.” With regards to Lord Archer's return to the Conservative Party, Fox said “I'm sure that in line with people having served their sentence and having done some reparations for what they did wrong, we would look at that sympathetically. “I don't believe in vindictiveness, I don't think that it has any place in politics, unlike the prime minister and Alastair Campbell.” Lord Archer is still a very popular figure with grass-root Tories and has always been one of the party's most energetic fundraisers.
Fellow Tory peer Lord Tebbit, another visitor to the north east of the island, reportedly agrees with Fox. “After all, he is far from being the worst perjurer in the world,” he told the BBC.

Any move by Lord Archer, who once had his sights set on becoming the first Mayor of London, to return to politics and the Tory party will no doubt prove somewhat controversial. However, as he is continuing his seven-year media-silence, we will have to wait and see.