Palma.—A 93-year-old woman in Soller was overcome by fumes from her brazier heater which provoked a fire in home yesterday.
The alarm was raised by her neighbours just after 9.15am when they spotted thick smoke coming out of one of the windows of the first floor flat in which the 93-year-old lived alone near the Repic beach.

While they waited for the fire services to arrive, the elderly woman was rescued by a member of the Guardia Civil who used one of the neighbour's ladders to climb up into the first floor flat and carry her to safety.

According to the emergency services, the woman was suffering from intoxication caused by the fumes and was rushed to the Soller health clinic for a complete medical check up. This was the third incident caused by a brazier heater in the past week, during which time one person was killed by the fumes from an old fire, and last night, the local government was reminding the public to be extra careful with heaters during this cold snap.