Palma.—Gabriel Moragues, head of the Majorcan small businesses taxi drivers' association said yesterday that even though drivers will be charging more for journeys, present Partido Popular (PP) Transport Councillor Gabriel Vallejo will “go down in history” as blighting the industry due to opening it up to private contractors within just a few months.

Moragues said that there had not been an overhaul of the taxi pricing system within two years and that a rise was much needed because with drivers trying to glean what custom they can on 12 hour shifts, income was hardly covering costs. He added that if the taxi industry is opened up to the private sector, the market will be flooded with operators, depriving self-employed drivers who are already finding it hard to make ends meet of custom. Palma taxi drivers will be holding a protest next week over the City Council's plans to contract private companies to run cars specially adapted for handicapped use.