OFFICERS from the National Police have detained 11 people of Brazilian nationality on Majorca and have broken up a network of forgers of identity documents for foreigners which operated in different countries of the EU, according to National Police sources. Those arrested, who had contacts in the United Kingdom, France and Italy, are eight men and three women, all in their 20s.
According to the sources, the initial police investigations identified two members of the organisation, who dedicated themselves to the recruitment of people in Spain, especially brazilian citizens, to whom they offered Portuguese identity cards and driving licences. These people were taking advantage of the fact that Brazilian citizens, illegally in the country, needed the afore mentioned documentation through which, in time, they would get work permits and residencias. With these detentions the officers discovered a lot of material dedicated to the falsification of documents, such as Portuguese and French identity cards, Lusitanian driving licences, work contracts and false names and 1'200 euros in cash, among other things.