STAFF REPORTER MAJORCA's application to UNESCO to get a traditional chant recognised as an item of World Heritage value, is “touting” for support on internet site, “Facebook”.

The - an originally Ethiopian poem prophesying the coming of Christ and the end of the world - is sung at churches around the island on Christmas Eve. Thanks to the efforts of the Culture and Heritage department of the Council of Majorca, 1'700 people have already supported the application on “Facebook” and a further 6'600 signatures have been secured elsewhere.

The department is currently compiling the application that will be made to UNESCO. Last December prior to Christmas, numerous photographic records were taken of the preparations that needed to be undertaken for the to be performed in churches.

The department said yesterday that “the result has been very positive.” It thanked the Diocese of Majorca for the support it had given, as well as other cultural associations who had collaborated in giving a high profile to Majorcan heritage. “The Diocese of Majorca has been particularly supportive in helping us amass the wealth of documentary information needed for the application” it said.