MUSIC, food, sports, photography, children's games and popular dance for the programme organised by the Balearic Government for Balearic Day on March 1. The central act of this fiesta, which commemorates the start of the Autonomous Statute for the Balearics, will take place on February 28 in the Fairs and Conference Centre in Ibiza. The Balearic Government has organised dozens of activities between February 28 and March 5, almost half of which is for participation by the people.
Some of the activities are, in the case of Majorca, the country market which will take place in the area around the Consolat de la Mar, which will offer craft products and demonstrations of ancient trades; as will the regional produce fair which will take place from March 3 to 5 in the Muelle Viejo of La Lonja. This will offer samples of typical food from 12 communities and musical acts. Another of the activities will be a photographic competition which will give prizes of between 300 and 1'200 euros. Already 89 people have entered with 234 photographs, the majority of them in black and white. On February 28 in the Paseo Sagrera the show “Balearic music at sunset” will take place which will have five acts of different musical styles, while the following day there will be and “Great concert show” in the Muelle Viejo. On March 2 there will be a recital by the Symphonic Orchestra in the Conservatory of Musica and Dance. This will move to Valldemossa on March 4 and to Ibiza on March 11.