THE pottery fair held annually in the north-east Palma suburb of Marratxi will be celebrating its quarter centenary this year when it opens on Saturday, 28th February with 86 exhibitors taking part.

It's the most popular public event in the area and the Culture department at Marratxi Town Hall has ensured there will be a full programme of activities to complement the high quality exhibitions of skilfully crafted ceramics and pottery. Local Mayor, Jose Ramon Bauza explained that this year, awards are going to be made to those who have participated since the fair was first started. Those who have taken part for 25 years are to be given a silver siurell, a folkloric figure typical of the island. The Council has invited this year's exhibitors to put an ornament of their choice on a commemorative plaque - the resulting collection will remain in its place as a sculpture contributed to the municipality. Marratxi ceramic artist Rafael Sunyer said he was very happy with the way the Council were backing the event, particularly as economic times were currently proving hard for craftsmen The fair, held in the Ses Tres Germanes exhibition area, will remain open until Saturday, 8th March.