By Humphrey Carter PALMA

AN apparently mentally disturbed 41-year-old Moroccan with a criminal history for physical abuse and drugs went on the rampage in Sant Antoni, Ibiza, yesterday stabbing and slashing at least 12 people.

061 and 112 emergency services reported that the incident began at 1pm in the Suma supermarket in the popular summer holiday resort.
For reasons, which remain unconfirmed and the Guardia Civil are investigating, the Moroccan, armed with a machete and a wooden club, suddenly began indiscriminately stabbing innocent shoppers after several employees of the establishment called the attention of the man who was allegedly stealing, according to a witness.

The man assaulted a cashier, and slashed two other employees, before running away.

The Moroccan fled the supermarket and began threatening and attacking pedestrians in neighbouring streets.
He also stormed into an international call centre where he continued his rampage, leaving one of the victims, a woman in a serious condition, and a hair salon.

She underwent emergency surgery at Can Misses Hospital for a stab wound to the neck.
All available ambulances on the island were dispatched to the scene where an emergency field hospital tent was set up to treat those with only minor injuries while at least four were being treated for more serious injuries in can Misses Hospital last night.

Scores of eye witnesses were also treated for anxiety attacks and nerves after the Moroccan sparked mass panic in the area.
The Moroccan was eventually restrained and subdued by two members of the Local Police, one of which was struck by the attacker with the wooden club and also suffered a minor stab wound before the attacker tried to take his own life. The scene of the attack was cordoned off for the rest of the day as police and forensics combed the area for evidence and tried to establish what exactly happened.

The 41-year-old was in police custody and being questioned by detectives while members of the social services cared for some of the victims which had been discharged from hospital and allowed to go home but were still suffering from severe shock.

The Mayor of Sant Antoni, Jose Sala, immediately cancelled a trip he was due to embark on to oversee the operation and the welfare of the victims at first hand.

A British embassy official in Madrid has said the consulate in Ibiza is not aware of any Britons being among the injured.